I always wondered which came first: the mall or the subway stop. Thanks to Wikipedia, I can tell you that the mall was there for a full decade before the […] Read more →


After struggling to find work, nerdy Michelle partners with her musclehead brother Bryan to start Creampuffs: a gym for people who hate gyms. But first they have to renovate a […] Read more →


Nerdcoms, fabulism, and travel nonfiction: Michaela Mowbray‘s writing always has a connection to a certain locale. Sometimes with a supernatural twist, sometimes a sardonic eye, but always with a sense of humour. Michaela Mowbray is the pen name of novelist Victoria Feistner. She resides in Toronto with her partner Ean.

Ean Bowman likes to really get to know a city before moving on. They decided their weekend adventures would be a good way to learn all Toronto’s neighbourhoods have to offer. Ean follows Victoria around with a variety of cameras and documents their adventures.